Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti

10.63 lbs of corned beef and cabbage in 10 minutes.

21 lbs of grits in ten minutes.

275 jalapeños in just ten minutes!

Deep Dish is currently the number two-ranked competitive eater in the world! He’s beaten the likes of Joey Chestnut (nerd) and Kobayashi. Pat is our chief food alchemist, a Kendall grad who is equally excited about the fact that Jack and the Box is now serving tacos as a good piece of fatty pork shoulder for G-force’s new biscuit and gravy recipe!


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Gravy Brown

Lover, Garbage Can Philosopher, Legend

Gravy Brown, currently ranked number 9, began his humble competitive eating career hustling food challenges and state fair competitions up and down the Illinois/Indiana border. Gravy has used his God given talents to explore the country, using his winnings to get from one side of the country to the other spending it only on the essentials: gas, food and the occasional PBR!

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Sir Snugglesworth

Gravy’s abnormally large bulldog and illegitimate son.

Official mascot, unofficial taste tester!



Partybot serves two purposes…half of his microchip brain in used to keep the party going, he has an unnerving tendency to play house music but makes sure “to keep it going on so none of my homies can get at me wrong” His words not ours. The other half of his small microchip brain serves as a low powered calculator that is rather useless in our mission to save the world.


Pink Unicorn

Origins: Unknown

Color: Pink

Genus: Equus

No one on G-force Five is quite sure where the Pink unicorn came from. He showed up first on a trip to New Orleans on a trip to the Acme World Oyster Eating Competition and has never seemed to leave our side. He’s carried Gravy into battle at many competitions and given Pat a ride home when he's had too much to drink.