Chicago food truck laws are tricky. As a result, some of our signature dishes can only be prepared at street fairs or private events. Check out some of our favorites below and make sure to check out the calendar to see what we are serving on what days. We change menu items out all the time and only serve a few on each outing to ensure quality.

The Big Jim

Biscuits & Gravy The Alberto


What’s the craziest party town in the country? LA? New York City? Vegas? New Orleans? Well probably New Orleans, but a close second….get ready for it. Buffalo, New York. Yes Buffalo, wedged between Niagara Falls and the great white north it is one of the strangest, tackiest and craziest places we have ever had the pleasure of spending 36 hours.  You can’t get a hotel in downtown Buffalo on the weekends. Not because of a convention, or inordinately huge family wedding. Its because every 18-36 year old, able bodied, young adult in a fifty mile radius gravitates to the downtown area on the weekends and takes up every hotel room in the city. The streets are flooded at night and even though most bars “close” at 4AM, the right number of taps on the door and being in the know of the secret handshake will still get you in well after closing time.


It was in Buffalo, on a trip to the National Buffalo Wing Eating contest in 2009 (over 6.4 lbs of wings consumed by Glutton Force Five in 8 minutes) where we experienced one of the worst foods we have ever eaten. Walking down some hard to recall street we came across a sign for “Walking Tacos!”  What couldn‘t be good about a walking taco? Pretty much everything! Too many tomatoes drowning the flavor and cheap Hormel chili made this simple dish very anticlimactic.


Since that day Glutton Force Five has vowed to take back the dignity of the walking taco. And in honor of our fearless tour guide, friend and local buffalo legend, Buffalo Jim Reeves, we introduce to you, “The Big Jim.”


Buffalo Jim Reeves…scarfing down some Pork Rinds!


Choice of: Fritos, Potato Sticks or (for the brave) Chicharron! Chorizo Gravy. Scallions. Chihuahua Cheese. Diced White Onion. Crema. No damn tomatoes!


Orange and Pablano Braised Pork Shoulder, Biscuit Croutons, Garlic and Leek Gravy.


This dish isn’t food truck approved. Some crazy law about not being able to assemble anything on a mobile kitchen in Chicago. Be on the lookout for it at a street fair near you.


     Carrot Cake Bread Pudding

No clever name here…just a nod to one of our favorite found dishes in Chicago. Back about ten years ago I came across one of my favorite desserts ever. Canolli Bread Pudding, rich creamy cannoli cream, sandwiched between two perfectly rectangular slices of bread pudding, then drenched in raspberry compote. Where, you ask did I find this delectable dish….Leona’s. Yes that Leona’s, the better then average Italian chain located here in Chicago. About a good 8 years ago this dish was discontinued, never to return. Petitions were signed, protests staged, even a request to their catering department to hook me up with enough Canolli Bread Pudding to make it worth their while financially. Not one of my sobbing pleas could be considered a success.


But in 2011, for New Years dinner, after years of complaining and annoying everyone with tales of my mythical dessert, Pat decided to surprise me with his version. It was worth the wait.


Carrot Cake Bread Pudding, topped off with sweetened ricotta and pineapple compote.







Inspired by a recent trip to Puerto Rico, where we avoided Senor Frogs like the plague and drank too much and spent a night lost in the El Yunque rain forest.

The Alberto is named after our four-legged mascot who seemed to follow us around wherever we went, reminding us knowingly which alley was not safe to go down and which Pina Colada hut made the stiffest drinks.


Most of these anonymous rum huts served food…usually some sort of meat on a stick and ground seafood wrapped in a tortilla and deep-fried. But the crown jewel has to be the Puerto Rican sandwiches, sort of like a Mexican torta on way better bread and garnished with POTATO STICKS for crunch.


Pat has been perfecting the Glutton Force Five version ever since our return and the result is the affectionately named “Alberto!”


Habanero braised beef, Sriracha Mayo, Red Onion,

Romaine, Tomato, G-Force vinaigrette, Nu-lan, Baguette