What is Glutton Force Five?

You may ask yourself, what is Glutton Force Five? Our organization lies somewhere between bad Arnold commando movies from the 80’s and a battered deep-fried cheeseburger at a carnival. Confused? That’s part of the plan!

At the center of it all are two competitive eaters who saved up their winnings to create something that is not only gratuitous and ridiculous but also good all at the same time.

We eat, cook and save the world from boring food. There is not an eating contest that’s scared us away (Rocky Mountain Oysters anyone?) or a food challenge we can’t conquer (Adam Richman eats like a girl). We’ve travelled the world eating competitively, been to every truck stop diner, native American gift shop and sampled every fast food phenomenon. We’ve taken all of our experience and put it right back into our own gustatory creations!

Glutton Force Five blows the lid off of the food truck scene but are limited by the constricting regulations the city enforces on businesses like our own. Chi-ish Beef anyone? Pizza–in-a cup or Taco-In-A-Bag? We get crazy, so get ready to loosens the constricting silicone lap band from culinary traditions. This is food, doused in PBR, prettied up with Old Spice and taken to the junior year prom!.

We are out there, hitting every street festival, food rave and back alley; pushing the limits of eating and cooking. Check our schedule, find our food truck, next eating challenge and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for menu and schedule updates; check out our videos and join us on our wild adventure!

So if you're hungry, if no one else can help and you can
find us, maybe you can dine with….Glutton Force Five!